Black Butterflies is a holistic therapeutic program that provides an emotional and developmental safe-space for black, adolescent girls. As the youth in our communities are often the victims of psychic trauma resulting from direct or indirect physical, emotional and verbal abuse, the butterflies are encouraged to illustrate their thoughts, feelings, and dreams through a myriad of artistic methods.

With a comprehensive mix of talk therapy, play therapy, and art therapy, these young women learn to analyze the negative images and environmental pressures that they encounter daily and work to transform them into a healthy self-concept by by celebrating their cultural roots, individuality, and spirituality.
Black Butterflies is proven to:

  • Enhance self-esteem, and self-confidence.
  • Fortify Intuitive self-efficacy, and adaptability skills
  • Increased protective factors such as cultural pride, and personal principles of integrity


Adolescent Females (6-18)


Black Butterflies Photos