The African-American Leadership Institute seeks to assist at-risk, Black boys in developing dreams that transform themselves along with their communities. With the help of loving mentorship from elders, adults, and skilled professionals in the Pittsburgh community, the youth are guided to imagine themselves within three life contexts: life purpose, life mission, and life work.

Life Purpose serves:

  • To assist students in understanding their talents, and developing a vision based on their talents.

Life Mission serves:

  • To provide students with learning opportunities to develop skills and experiences to advance their personal vision as well as serve their communities, city, state, nation, and world.

Life Work serves:

  • To create opportunities for students to engage in community service
  • To provide the opportunities to participate in job-shadowing activities

With the help of this year-round and personalized mentoring initiative, students learn to articulate and enact a life term on a short and long term basis.


Monday-Friday, Year-Round

After school; approximately 3-7pm

13 and up


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