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Major CEA paradigm for truancy prevention/ intervention through their program called Students Aimed for Excellence (S.A.F.E) includes:
  • provision of comprehensive, flexible, responsive, and preservation focused intervention;
  • viewing of our young participants in the context of their families;
  • dealing with families as parts of neighborhoods and communities;
  • provision of services by components and committed staff members;
  • and based on mutual trust and respect, building strong relationships with participants, families, and schools.

The goals of the S.A.F.E program are to: Reduce tardiness, Increase and improve school attendance, Improve behavior and attitude toward school, Increase family/caregiver involvement, Reconnect youth to school, family and community, and Improve parenting skills. The major goal of the Safe Passage program is to strengthen protective factors for keeping children healthy and well by working with youth, parents, and families. More specifically, CEA's Safe Passage program provides:

  1. a safe, educational, and culturally appropriate program for children and youth;
  2. therapeutic support, and life skills training to help children cope with complex issues, define values, and develop strong self-esteem; and
  3. community enhancement services to alleviating environmental factors that can effect social, cognitive, and emotional behaviors of our school age participants.

Within this environment, multiple objectives are met. Students learn skills to

  1. Improve academic success
  2. Avoid negative peer influences and situations
  3. Develop positive self-esteem and group identity
  4. Learn to stay in school through positive role modeling.
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