Professional Counseling Services

Introduction: The purpose of the Community Wellness Initiative is to empower and enhance the social functioning of members of the African American community who are underserved and hesitant to engage in traditional mental health services. CEA succeeds in doing this by providing culturally-specific, accessible, community-based, mobile, and in-home evaluation and treatment. The goals of this culturally specific initiative is to foster an environment of empowerment for youth and their families to determine and advocate for their needs, improve their health and pursue their aspirations.

Community Empowerment provides A Holistic Therapeutic Program to Support the Wellness of Children, Youth & Families in Comfortable and Natural Community Settings

Initiative includes:

  • Individual, group, and family sessions
  • Culturally sensitive assessment & therapy
  • Comprehensive and holistic treatment
  • Treatment for diverse populations
  • Flexible services available in natural community settings

Persistent exposure to social, environmental stressors stemming from various sources (e.g., chronic poverty, discrimination, exposure to violence, physical and sexual abuse, loss of significant family members, and other hardships), traumatized families tend to feel degraded, hurt, uprooted against their will or punished.

Thus, CEA understands the serious need for poor and low-income African American families to be uniquely debriefed and rehabilitated.

Individual Therapy & Support Groups
We offer individual therapy and support groups for persons exposed to trauma resulting from environmental stressors within community settings, residential settings, 3/4 houses to support the restoration to wellness of participants.

Healing Circle/Healing Pen
The mission of the Healing Pen is to offer a way for individuals and families to tell their stories concerning the loss of a loved one. The Healing Pen is the voice that will support increasing the peace.

Family Therapy
The staff of CEA understand the importance of including family in therapeutic healing. As such, we offer family therapy to families experiencing the trauma of life’s challenges in a strength-based, solution-focused manner. Our therapists meet the families where they are and services are offered at the center or in the home. Families within the CEA network are also invited and encouraged to participate in CEA sponsored events and activities to enhance healing.

Community Restoration & Healing Forums
In its on-going commitment to educate and empower African American families, CEA sponsors community educational forums on topics identified through surveys received from community members, CEA participants, and their families and/or topics related to specific community issues and challenges. These forums are interactive and in many cases structured to have panels that include professionals on the topic as well as community residents with knowledge or experience related to the theme.

Referrals are accepted from:

  • Self, Caregiver
  • The Public School System
  • Children, Youth and Families
  • The Juvenile and Public Justice System
  • Family Support Programs
  • Other Community/Social Service Agencies

Eligibility Requirements :

Individuals and families who currently receive medical assistance through Health Choices are eligible for our services. Health Choices insurance coverage includes UPMC For You, Gateway Health Plan, Unison and MedPlus.

Please call us at (412) 371 – 3689 to enroll in our services.