Child & Adolescent Partial Program


Afterschool - 4:00-7:00pm

Summer Hours: Tuesdays - 10am-2pm, Wednesdays & Thursdays - 10am-4pm


Children 6-12, Adolescents 13-18

Referrals can be made by contacting the Community Empowerment Association for more information at (412) 371 - 3689.

Our Partial Program is designed to provide culturally specific, accessible, community-based treatment services to children and adolescents with serious emotional and behavioral problems. Program staff provide services in a highly structured, safe environment. Partnerships with caregivers and others providing services are established to provide consistent interventions and to design treatment plans to fit the vision expressed for the child's future success. Children applying for the program are initially evaluated by the staff psychiatrist. Treatment recommendations are made at that time. Follow-ups with the psychiatrist occur weekly at the program.

Our Philosophy & Goals
The CEA Partial Program is based on the philosophy that all children have the potential and desire to succeed and can make significant changes in how they cope with life's stresses. Our goal is to help children and youth who are challenged with severe emotional and behavioral problems develop the skills necessary for greater success at home, school, and in the community.
The program's objectives are to assist in:
  • Utilizing participant's strengths and resources
  • Reducing stress
  • Developing appropriate patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Resolving problems through goal achievements
  • Providing education that will give knowledge and skills to cope with current and future stressors

Program Structure
All participants in the Partial Program are part of a structured, therapeutic classroom environment. They receive behavioral management, social skill instruction, and art/recreation therapy. Daily Programs consist of activities emphasizing group interaction, anger management skills, issues of loss, impulse control, self-esteem issues, and appropriate social skills. Services are delivered within a group setting, with individual and family therapy as needed. Individualized behavior management plans are designed when necessary. In addition, participants see our psychiatrist on a regular basis, have an assigned therapist, and have an individualized treatment plan which is reviewed and updated every 20 treatment days. Participants prescribed medication are closely monitored. A nutritionally balanced meal is provided daily.

  • Must be between ages 5 and 18 years old
  • Display emotional and/or behavioral problems that interfere with functioning in the home, school or community
  • Complete and intake assessment and psychiatric evaluation

Transportation is provided, at parent request, for all participants of the Partial Program. During the school year, this includes transportation from school to the Partial Program and then to their return home. During the summer, this includes transportation home and return.

Outcome/ Discharge Criteria
  • Participants have met the goals of the individual treatment plan
  • Participants have reached their potential for progress in the program, and other recommendations have been made based on clinical need
  • Participants are utilizing their individual behavioral and coping skills
  • Participants' psychiatric symptoms have stabilized

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