Workforce Development and Training Program and the Construction Industry Training Program:

CEA Construction Industry Training Program

This construction industry training programs is for those with little or no experience in the construction trades who want to begin a career as a Construction Laborer. This program is nine (9) weeks with a combination of 91 hours total of Classroom instruction and 40 hours of applied experience.

It is comprised of several levels of instruction which allows trainees to perform many of the types of construction worked performed by Laborers, such as demo work, assisting carpenters, tool and material set up and site clean up.

Upon completion of this session, participants should be prepared to:

Qualify for Apprentice Training
Enter CCAC Trades Program
Start your own business
Work with existing contractors.

Caring Connections to Careers (CCC)

The goal of this CEA initiative is to annually enroll 50 youth and young adult participants (ages 16-24 by training 25 individuals per 6-month programing). Based on the good practice model suggested by The Annie E. Casey Foundation, William T. Grant Foundation, Youth Economic Opportunities, Youth.Gov, US Department of Labor, Global Partnership for Youth Employment, the Urban Institute, and others, the CEA workforce initiative will engage local individuals in the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes consisting of world-of-work awareness, labor market knowledge, occupational information, values clarification and personal understanding, career planning and decision making, and job search techniques (resumes, mock job interviews, applications, and follow-up letters), and development of an employment resource center.

More specifically, the proposed initiative is designed to provide the following services and training components that are shown to be effective based on various evidence-based assessments (e.g., Project Match in Chicago, The Center for Employment Training (CET) in San Jose, CA, Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program, and others):

  1. Local neighborhood-wide recruitment,
  2. Intensive case management,
  3. Career counseling,
  4. Job readiness training,
  5. Interpersonal communication training,
  6. Entrepreneurship training,
  7. Financial literacy training,
  8. Neighborhood Employment Resource Center/ Clearing House,
  9. Follow-up tracking and monitoring system, and
  10. Program evaluation.

The participants will be exposed to a comprehensive content on common core competencies associated with job readiness and interpersonal communication. Participants will also learn the essential work readiness and work practice behavior sets for the selected career track in reference to specific academic, career education and employee standards. CEA will also employ teaching and learning tactics designed for low income and disadvantaged youth and young adults with little or no prior exposure to the world of work. Such program content will significantly increase work readiness and soft skills necessary to select, achieve and ascend in their careers.

CEA Workforce Development Program Completion Ceremony

CEA Learn and Earn 2017

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