Day of Black Male Solidarity

A yearly meeting and activities among Black men, both youth and adult.


The Black Male Solidarity Day is an over arching concept designed to develop collective efforts to improve the quality of life within our communities. We expect to produce a new harvest of leadership of men to become mentors to pickup the mantle to lead our youth.


For Black men to individually and collectively become change agents within their communities. To provide hope for the disenfranchised and to create a transformation of leadership.


To assemble and receive the charge of the day. To gain knowledge and insight through workshops and to conduct outreach through community and street engagement.


It is time to reclaim our historical Black manhood and move collectively to confront the ills that plague our families and communities. It is time for all Black men to embrace the 'Brother to Brother movement' to form a united front, to become change agents and to begin building a collective consensus of unity.


  • At the end of 2001, 16.5% of the Black male population had been to prison compared to 7.7% of Hispanic and 2.7% of White men.

    - State of Black America - National Urban League - New Pittsburgh Courier, April 2007

  • Black males between 15 and 34 are nine times more likely to be killed by firearms and nearly eight times as likely to suffer from Aids.

    - State of Black America - National Urban League - New Pittsburgh Courier, report 2007

  • As of April of 2008 there have been 35 Homicides throughout Allegheny County. Twenty three Black males and 3 Black females.

    - New Pittsburgh Courier - April 2008

  • The unemployment rate for Black men was 9.5 percent compared to 4 percent for white men. Black men earned less than 75 percent of white men - $34,443 vs $46,807.

    - State of Black America - National Urban League - New Pittsburgh Courier, report 2007

  • Black males 14 to 24 years old: were implicated in a quarter of the nation’s homicides and accounted for 15 percent of the homicide victims in 2002, although they were just 1.2 percent of the population.

    - Bureau of Justice Statistics

Brother-to-Brother Leadership Forum For years, the Brother-to-Brother Leadership Forum has been providing community-based leadership forums building fellowship and networking among Black Men and Black youth, improving the lives of the next generation while strengthening our families and communities. The goal is to cultivate a new harvest of young Black leadership and to develop necessary prescriptions to create safeguards for Black youth, families and communities. Activities
  • All Guns Down/Jobs Not Jail Campaign
  • Hire Our Youth Campaigns
  • Annual Fishing Trips
  • The March for Peace
  • Monthly Community Leadership Forums & Workshops
  • The Day of Black Male Solidarity

See our 2012 E-Blast at Brotha Ash Productions.

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