Tuesday, 29 November 2005 15:59

Black Family Reunion 2005

Black Family Reunion 2005
With the mission to build healthy families and communities by way of activation, education and mobilization, the Community Empowerment Association, Inc. (CEA) over the last decade has been tirelessly serving thousands of disadvantaged and minority families throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area. Since 2003, CEA has been sponsoring the Black Family Reunion as an opportunity for Allegheny County residents to come together for two days to celebrate the Black Family. It has been extremely well...
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Saturday, 12 November 2005 15:15

Coalition for Community & Human Development

Coalition for Community and Human Development Draft #1 11/25/05 Declaration of Black Community Rights Mission Statement The mission of the DOB-CR Committee is to identify a core set of “principles, rights, demands, and necessities” rooted in the history and tradition of African people needed to produce a “healthy, growing, and sustainable community” that all Black folk residing in Allegheny County can embrace. I. Rights Right to live in a violence free neighborhood...
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