Public Health

These groupings of articles are designed to express how violence, education, and public health are relative issues; how violence is in fact a public health issue.

As you'll read in the article, A National Tragedy, "Hundreds of children throughout the country each year have died senselessly by gun violence... A reoccurring theme is that the perpetrator shows signs of mental illness." The mental illness we are reffering to here is the result of our youth witnessing traumtic events without parental or other consoling or counseling, the lack of a role model, lack of education, a feeling of disconnect from the community, others, self, etc. And hence, the violent act could have been prevented if someone had recognized the warnings signs and addressed them in a way that provided mental relief and stability to the potential wrongdoer.

The Community Empowerment Association has searched, researched, and found ways to address and correct these issues and find resolution to the problems. We've constructed many afterschool programs and host cultural events to develop our youth and fellow community members into productive members of the society we all desire.

Please read further to educate yourself and your community and find ways to enrich your public health and end the violence in your community.