Saturday University

Community Empowerment Association will begin having Saturday University starting in February 2015. We are calling on all community members to take part in our children’s future in a united effort to unify our community; and provide a safe, productive and educational place for black boys and girls. We want to help our children become successful in the future, no matter that child’s circumstances. CEA is committed to providing various opportunities for our children that would not otherwise have been available to them, in order for them to achieve self-confidence, success and a place in this society’s future.

In order to make Saturday University a success, we need strong, experienced and successful community volunteers to work with our young black children. Therefore, we are seeking individuals to contribute in the areas below:

  • Educational Professionals to tutor/mentor children in reading, math, science and history
  • Multimedia digital design
  • Creative artists – jewelry design, pottery, painting, etc.
  • Modern Dance Exploration
  • Mental Health professionals – Therapists
  • Creative Expressions
  • Small business development/business mentoring

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