Midnight Basketball - Nov. 29th, 2013

  • Date:

    Friday, November 29th, 2013
  • Time:

    Starting at 8:00pm
  • Place:

    CEA Cultural Center; 7120 Kelly Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Coalition of Urban Affairs & Community Empowerment Association presents:

Midnight Basketball:An Inner City Anti-Violence Initiative

Sponsored by YMCA, United We Stand, OBB, L.O.U.D., & Rosedale Block Club

The Midnight Basketball Program is an anti-violence and human service campaign with weekly basketball tournaments aimed at imparting lesson about conflict resolution, reducing urban violence and giving young men a healthy constructive outlet on the weekends. It is also anticipated that a number of youth participants may bring with them major risk factors associated with violence, including prior record of violence, continual drug, alcohol and tobacco use, reliance on delinquent peers and gangs, coping with dysfunctional or poor family support, and truancy and failing school grades.

Although Midnight Basketball is designed as fun activity in a safe place, it offers an ideal opportunity for youth mentorship, guidance, learning, and referral services. The goal is to use basketball activities as a vehicle to expose interventions designed to help reduce urban violence and crime, and to guide youth toward successful future. The program is deliberately planned to keep urban youth off the streets and engaging them with organized activities—to reduce exposure to risk factors and liabilities of unsupervised street and neighborhood existence.

CEA and United We Stand, along with the collaboration of other Community Stakeholders, have created the Midnight Basketball Program, to recruit young men between the ages of 12-25. Through an organized Basketball League, competitive 16-week tournaments, and basketball training camp program, youth participants will be offered a safe and empowering space to learn and play with other youth in the city. Our program is designed to offer youth with basketball leagues that stay open late on Fridays and Saturday nights while also providing coaches and mentors trained to help youth participants’ self-esteem, enhance interpersonal and development skills, and harm reduction abilities.

The program will also expose youth participants to empowering educational opportunities, including learning about healthy diet, termination of date rape and violence, sexual behavior and consequent personal health, liabilities of drug, alcohol and tobacco use, and crime-free life.

CEA also agrees with Norman and Jordan (2009), and will institute following features into the intervention paradigm, including:

(a) safety and structured program;

(b) a sense of belonging and membership in the community;

(c) development of closeness and good relationships;

(d) offer experience of gaining competence and mastering skills;

(e) provide opportunities for independence and control over some part of their lives; and

(f) enhance self-awareness and the ability and opportunities to act on that understanding

We are asking community members and friends to come out and support this worthy intilitive. We are calling on Youth Providers, Public Officials, Faith Base, Educators, Counselors, Parents, Men, Social Groups Coaches, Youth Workers and Fraternities to come out and assist with supervision. In Addition, we need financial support to help underwrite cost.

This is a major undertaking for the people that have taken this responsibility. However, if we can save one child it’s worth our efforts. Volunteers and Donations are welcome. Please contact us.

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