Community Speak-Out Power Series - Town Hall Meeting

The Eastern regional neighborhood Council. .Town Hall Community Speak-out power series meeting. Black Pittsburgh want social and economic justice for Black People in the city of Pittsburgh.

  • We demand full citizens rights in enjoying the prosperity of Pittsburgh Renaissance.
  • We demand inclusion and equitable participation in all development and economic projects specifically in black neighborhoods and particularly in the city of Pittsburgh
  • We demand equitable distribution of development dollars earmarked in addressing social barriers in the black community
  • We demand job growth, employment opportunities, investments in black businesses and a Public Works initiative to employed black youth
  • We demand full disclosure ,and audits from banks and financial institutions how Community Reinvestment dollars are being spent in our in our community
  • We demand that the city of Pittsburgh development a enforceable MBE/WBE system that guarantee participation of black contractors and workers with binding community benefit agreements
  • We demand monthly round table policy discussions with our public officials
  • We demand that nonprofits in the black community begin working with residents in determining the real need in the community.. in how their resources can better be serviced
  • We demand the formation of a roundtable that consists of developers, public officials, nonprofits, School Board, Housing Authority, URA, businesses, Community Development Corporation, city planning and grassroot community discuss the direction that we would like our neighborhood to go in.

A community united will never be defeated! Let's begin a real Talk conversation! An Urban Agenda that represents Black Pittsburgh is imperative! Let our voices ring throughout the city of Pittsburgh for full equity for Black People! Let begin to organize our social media networks in take a stand against systemic systemic structure racism! If you would like to be part of this movement for social change please contact us.

Last modified on Monday, 14 December 2015 20:43