A National Tragedy

National Tragedy

The Culture of Violence - an American Story of Neglect

Once again gun violence has permeated the media airways of America and throughout the world with the recent killing of innocent children in Connecticut. Hundreds of children throughout the country each year have died senselessly by gun violence - Columbine, Virginia Tech, Colorado as well as in the many urban centers of America. A reoccurring theme is that the perpetrator shows signs of mental illness.

Yet those of moral conscious refuse to acknowledge that we have to address the culture of violence from a public health perspective. Children are exposed almost daily to trauma and traumatic events that impact their lives. Unfortunately, early warning signs are not being addressed before full blown mental health issues present themselves. Gun violence in America has taken thousands of people's lives, whether in the urban streets, college campuses or elementary schools. The culture of violence has become an American tragedy and nightmare. What's worse, we in America continue to be in denial about this American tragedy that is gun violence. It's not just an inner city or rural problem - it's an American problem. How are America's Public Health policies protecting American lives against gun violence - whether domestic, workforce, community or school violence?

Violence has become an open wound on the moral consciousness of America. As a country America has not been able to protect citizens in public gathering spaces as well as in their homes and neighborhoods. American neglect in addressing gun control, mental health, poverty - which are public health issues - result in aggressive behaviour, serious mental health issues, violence, and the consequences are death, decaying communities, and a significant loss of hope.

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