Community Empowerment Association (CEA) has a strong track record of delivering effective, culturally integrated interventions, and collaborative network, which are run by and for neighborhood citizens. (CEA) was founded in 1993 in order to establish an organized, structural approach to address the specific needs of at-risk families in distressed, marginalized communities.

Since its inception, CEA has served over 25,000 individuals, youth, and families residing in 48 neighborhoods and enrolled in 94 schools and 23 school districts within Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. CEA regularly initiates town hall meetings with neighborhood residents, service providers, key government officials on the State and Local levels, representing Homewood to develop the neighborhood initiative and plan for improving the quality of life for all residents.

CEA’s achievements are well-reflected in their recent prestigious grants from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, City of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh & McKeesport School Districts, Allegheny County Department of Human Services, and not to mention the awards from Espit Awards (issued by the Mental Health Association of Allegheny County), Community Advocacy Award, YouthWorks Program of Distinction, African American Community Service and Leadership, amongst many others.

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously adopted a resolution that recognized June 7, 2014 as CEA Day in Pennsylvania for its enormous contributions to the communities in need. On that date, CEA celebrated its 20th anniversary as a vital and critical resource for children, youth, adults, and families of the Greater Pittsburgh Region.

CEA’s intervention programs have been recognized as highly successful programs by reference journals in the following articles:

  • “Afrocentric Intervention Paradigm: An Overview of Successful Application by a Grassroots Organization”. Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment (2014, Volume 23, Number 7).
  • “Suggested Paradigm for Violence Reduction: A Community-Based Public Health Approach”. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work (online publication, June 2015)

CEA founder and CEO T. Rashad Byrdsong has been repeatedly selected by national and local conferences to present the details of successful outcomes generated by the CEA programs. During the last three years, he has presented at various universities (University of Pittsburgh, Duquesne, Ohio State etc…) and professional service conferences (Black Social Workers, Educational Consortium etc..) on numerous topics, including Afrocentric intervention methods, strategies for violence reduction, intervention methods for healthy black families and communities, youth leadership intervention and more.