Saturday, 01 June 2013 00:00

Black Male Achievement Social Innovation Accelerator Featured

In early spring of 2013, the Leadership & Sustainability Institute for Black Male Achievement - "a national membership network that seeke to ensure the growth, sustainability, and impact of leaders and organizations across public, privates & nonprofit sectors committed to improving the life outcomes of black men & boys through systemic change" - recognizes leaders across the country who "have shown tangible results in improving the life outcomes of black men & boys and who also have the passion and potential to incres their national leadership and impact."

Nominated for such recognition this year is Mr. Rashad Byrdsong. Rashad was a finalist for this award among many applicants, and although he and our organization were not selected as the Black Male Achievement Social Innovator, being nominated and recognized for our efforts in the community is an honor. Thank you.

View his and other applicant's video on the meaning of leadership and other inspiring topics.

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